Monday, June 13, 2005

Podcast episode #1!

Laura sums up the show better than I could. So I am going to just steal her words on the subject:

Post #1 on the Podcast:

Saturday I went into the studio with Weezy and we recorded the first podcast. She's got pics of said event at flickr and possibly her website. I don't have the addresses for either at present but a quick Google search should yield results. The first two hours of the initial podcast were spent figuring out how to hook everything up correctly. We had Matt Hartley calling in from Washington and we could hear him but he couldn't hear us, and there was a lot of talk of input and output and sound engineer kind of stuff. But after a couple hours we were off and running.

I don't know how it turned out, but I can say I had a fun time recording it. Weezy and I amused ourselves and will hopefully amuse others who check it out. Subjects we touched upon: Testifying in the MJ trial, My BIG audition (could go absolutely nowhere), Flying body parts, Henry Winkler's fondness for me (word on the street is he likes me), Steve Jobs, Potato Chip Jesus and a bunch of other stuff. There were many tangents. I think it might go up in a few days, but I'm not doing any of the technical stuff so it depends on others.

Post #2 on the Podcast

I listened to a half hour of Weezy and The Swish today and I didn't cringe all that much, which surprised me. For the first one, I liked it. The second half hour may have tanked. I'm not sure. The one thing I'd change is the sound level on my mic. Weezy's voice is a lot louder than mine. I shouldn't be surprised, however, because we recorded the show in her studio. She probably told the engineer to muffle my voice. And of course I noticed certain things I do that bother me, which is good. I'll be able to correct for them.

And Weezy posts the show to her site as well.

Judging from the email I received from her, I think she was pleased. Here's the link to her site.

Music is generously provided by the The Cowsills.
You can pick up their CD 'Global' at this Web store.

by Matt Hartley on Mon 13 Jun 2005 08:17 PM PDT

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