Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogging From Weezy - Fox News Effect

Last night, Tuesday, I met my friend, Mari Cartel for dinner at Westwood Brew Co. before going upstairs to do stand-up comedy. Mari and I grew up in radio together. She now works for Fox News. Now, I will admit to you that I have not watched a lot of Fox News because I try to be an open-minded thinker which makes me a little closed minded concerning Fox News, which, I fully realize is hypocritical and I vow to work on this glaring discrepancy. But as of this writing, the extent of my Fox News viewing consists of watching my friend Michael Reagan on Hannity and Combs and watching Ron Zonen on Greta Van Sustren.

Oh, and I have seen the documentary, "Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch's War On Journalism," which left me contentedly adhering to CNN and MSNBC.

Back to our story, After we ate, Mari, a Fox News reporter, came upstairs to watch my set at Westwood Brew Co. and I pointed her out in the audience as surprising evidence that one Jew works at Fox News. From this point forward, every screamingly liberal comic proceeded to pound poor Mari with their "extreme left wing liberal bias," up to and including Manuel's hauntingly graphic and sexually vivid depiction of what he will do to Sean Hannity if he ever gets within mounting distance. It was nothing good people really needed to hear but Mari’s shoulders were shaking so I’m going to assume she was laughing and not crying.

From there, we went to the Fox and Hounds Pub where Bob Cowsill was performing. Now, you may know a bit about about Bob Cowsill. He is one of the singing Cowsills and he did write and perform our podcast theme song. He’s a good friend and a brilliant guy but… and there’s no polite way to say this… He adores Fox News. His brain is crammed with so much spoon-fed, right wing, party line propaganda, he actually thinks… and there’s no polite way to say this… that George W. Bush is smart.

So in one evening, as we traveled from Westwood to Studio City, Mari experienced the great Fox News-induced polarization of Los Angeles. But far more importantly, what she experienced is that rising above our inherent views, biases and philosophical leanings is our love for one another. If we open our ears, our eyes, our hearts, we become, at once, both stronger and more peaceful. So right now, I will turn to… Neil Cavuto… And I am…listening, and I am... OK, what an ass. Sorry… I’ll do better tomorrow.

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