Mochi: One great reason to shop at Trader Joe's. I got strawberry Mochi today, my favorite flavor (and I normally am not a fan of strawberry). Another good bet, if you're not yet hip to the deliciousness that is Mochi--Green Tea. Chocolate not so much.

Have just returned from taping podcast number three. Weezy looses it, breaks down in tears and slanders one of our most respected presidents. It was truly disgraceful. I don't want to talk about it. I'm really worked up. If she thought she got hate mail before...

Bean, my pooch, has learned the craft of holding her poop in. I go to walk her, she knows if she does her business right away, walks over. If she waits, holds it in, she gets a few blocks out of me, even if I'm in a hurry. I think it's bull crap.

Saw the new zombie movie last night. Though I'm not a huge fan of zombie movies, I really enjoyed it. Run out to see the movie. Or take slow, but plodding, jerky steps toward theater with your arms out.


The war's over. Just heard on the news. The insurgency realized they really did want democracy after all. Phew! Now we can stop worrying about that whole mess and can concentrate our energy on the Phil Spector trial. Where does he get his hair done? Seriously, does anyone have the number to his hair dresser?

Got to eat and then party. Hearty.