Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Blogging From Weezy - Bi-Lincoln?

I have uncovered stunning evidence that the editors of Time Magazine listen to our podcast. A young Abe Lincoln graces the cover of this week's issue with the headline: Uncovering the real Abe Lincoln. The article goes on to de-bunk rumors of his homosexuality theorizing, as The Swish had, that for men to share beds in the mid-19th century was commonplace. The article states that "the terms homosexual and heterosexual did not exist in Lincoln's time and that fact is just one piece of evidence that the concepts of gender, sexuality and same-sex relationships were radically different in Lincoln's world."

Hmmm, well "concepts" and "terms" not withstanding, I'm doubting that much has changed in the biological nature of human beings within the last thousands of years.

Whatever they called men who fell in love with men and women who fell in love with women, or whatever they didn't call them.... they had them. If Kinsey said there's a gradient scale somewhere along which we all lie, 1 being sexually attracted only to the opposite sex and 5 being sexually attracted only to your same sex then I'm willing to speculate that if that scale exists now, it existed then. If Lincoln was a little gay or a lot gay, it matters not, other than it's more than a little funny to imagine he was really gay. Just as it's funny to picture J. Edgar Hoover in a smart gown and matching heels. I'm not saying it's polite to find it funny. I'm just saying I find it funny.

Come on though, aren't we all a little different and a lot alike? As for me, I'm a bit of a tomboy but I've never kissed a girl. And possibly, neither has Lincoln. Maybe I've just never been drunk enough. You can picture it if you need to, just don't Photoshop it onto the internet.

Back to my original point that our podcast is on the cutting edge of what's on the minds of Americans. Oh, and that we will continue our gay Lincoln debate during our next podcast. Please post your thoughts.

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