Saturday, June 18, 2005

One fan's favorite quote...

Swisher fan Jim-Bob said...

Hey Swish, just listening to your podcast for the second time, and this is my favorite quote so far:

"I'm trying to do a serious news story about Jesus in a potato chip, and you're making Jeb Bush jokes." ~Laura Swisher

"Weezy: I think that we all see the Lord in everything that's beautiful.

The Swish: I don't.

Weezy: Oh, okay, well, Erik and Matt and I see the Lord everywhere we want to see him...depending on where the sun was and how much I had smoked."

Ah, I love it! Keep having the comedy magic, and I hope you get picked for the big-ay oppurtuni-tay! Good luck!

I am thrilled that you folks are enjoying this.

We will be recording episode 2 later today and should have it up Monday. I believe that we are going to be implementing some new ideas as well, but we'll have to see how that turns out.

Remember, you can subscribe via email or as a podcast feed in ipodder/doppler. See you soon!

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