Sunday, June 26, 2005

Blogging From Weezy - Pod Cast #3 and Stand-up Comedy

The Swish is now blogging over here which is great because now we can talk to each other whenever we're not talking to each other in the podcast or on the phone or in person. Sweet.

We completed podcast #3 today and it is just packed from stem to stern with completely useless chatter. One of the inane subjects we touched upon was emails I get from possibly, but probably not well intentioned individuals asking me for money. These requests have come in the wake of my testimony at the Michael Jackson trial. Folks seem to believe that since I gave money to people I know in the midst of their crisis that I will now randomly give money to people I don't know in the midst of their assorted crisis. I received one letter that touched me so very deeply, I felt compelled to read it during Podcast #3. However, sadly, I was not able to get through the letter without laughing. Now, this either makes me a callous bitch or it makes this letter the most ingenious piece of woven bull crap ever assembled. Either way, here is the letter and to Barbara, if your misery is, in fact, real, I am sorrowfully apologetic, but, my gosh, this is good stuff...

Hi Louise; my name is Barbara Buchanan, I'm 55 yrs. old and All my life. I have done manual labor with dirty heavy lifting and pulling etc. I raised both my boys working in fiberglass for over 14 years, and I’m now raising my 16 year old granddaughter, Terri because her mother poured boiling water down her throat when she was a baby. I ended up having back surgery because when I turned off the air compressor the breaker box exploded in my face, which picked me up and turned me around rupturing a disk in my back plus I had first & second degree burns on my face and hand. Anyway then I slipped in water and froze my knee cap over to the right side. I worked over 7mo. like that because my mother and son was both very ill and I had to buy their medicines and pay Dr. bills. So I ended up having 4 surgeries on my right knee and 2 on my left. My right knee goes out from underneath me without me knowing it so now I'm disabled and on Social Security after going to college and everything plus I also have periperal neuropathy now, which is very painful in both legs & feet. My mother and I both have electric mobility chairs with no way to haul them. But now we don't even have a car as mine died. I'm behind in everything including the trailer payment, I don't want a new one I just need an extended minivan with rear A/C, or a pickup with 4doors as I have a pretty good size butt and a regular pickup just wouldn't work, plus Terri has long legs & our dog likes to go. It has to be very dependable with A/C due to my mother diseased heart and me being hot natured. My mother had a very hard time getting in and especially out of the car and I did to but not like her because her heart is so bad that they won't do surgery on her knees which are bone to bone of repair her torn rotator cuff. Anyway with the price of them and the taxes it comes around $20,000. I know this is a lot to ask for but we desperately need help from someone please. You or anyone can come and see that everything I have said is on the up & up, We're not someone just wanting money for the heck of it, I'd like to pay this darn trailer off as it's in my brothers name and it's making it hard on him Thank you For Listening & God Bless, Barbara Buchanan

God Bless you too, Barbara but I'm going to have to say no.


Comedian, Deb Cox and I did stand-up at the Home Brew in San Dimas tonight (Saturday). We both had pretty good sets. Chris Kostelevsky, the guy who runs the room gave us each tiny magic eight balls and Deb and I spent the ride home asking our little magic eight balls questions about guys we like. Deb got the same answer every time she asked a certain question. Hmmm... It's hard to believe that we are both fully functional adults with careers, lives and homes. But, are we really? "Ask again later."

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