If you've been following my wildly peripheral involvement in the Michael Jackson trial than you know that yesterday, I was bumped from the Greta Van Someone show in favor of actual news. But don't panic. The media frenzy surrounding me based soley on my limitted involvement with key figures in the Michael Jackson case is not quite over yet. Today, Pat Lalama from Celebrity Justice came over and turned my living room into a television studio. We sat and talked like the best friends we've been ever since we met yesterday during the post-verdict media fest at a satellite news studio facility in Palms. So, that episode of "CJ," should be airing tomorrow night and my interview might also become a segment on Extra. I'm only telling you this because people become irrate when I let stuff air without telling them. By "people," I mean "Mom." I'm hoping this appearance leads to more hate mail, from people besides Mom. To read my hate mail, go to http://www.louisepalanker.com

Tonight I am entered in a comedy contest. I hate comedy contests. I enterred this because I was grateful that Dante, the guy who runs the room had booked the kids I teach in July. The kids are performing at Sprinbok on Wednesday, July 6th. So, now I'm procrastinating when I should be getting ready to go to the comedy contest. I hate comedy contests. I hope this one isn't being judged by the Michael Jackson jury. So, how have you been?