Sunday, June 19, 2005

Improvements across the board - podcast 002!

It took us that first time to get it right, but I must say that podcast number two is immensely improved over our first one. Higher sound quality, fluid show content, some new podcast games that involve Swedish chicks, comic books, young Italian guys and craigslist.

I just can't get over the sound improvements!
In all seriousness though, it actually sounds like I am sitting there with Weezy and Laura in the studio! Just as importantly, you will find that I am a more active participant this time around too (once we get past the MJ 'stuff', anyway).

The game with craigslist is hysterical! The idea and content behind this game proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Laura is more than a little wacko. This is funny stuff that you'll never hear anywhere else - trust me.

In total honesty, this is one of the best podcasts that I have heard to date by anyone (non-tech related of course). Bold statement? Yes it is, but I have to say that we rocked in just about every sense possible. I am so proud of podcast #2 that I am coming apart at the seams!

It was like listening to three audio-based ninjas crafting the perfect show. No awkward moments, no audio mishaps, very entertaining, funny, serious when appropriate, and descriptive in all the right places.

God, I am learning so much! And I am also feeling like we are getting used to what the other person is going to be doing next. Best of all, our numbers are rising, too. People are blogging about us, and emailing our podcast to their friends. This is very exciting for me as it is playing a part in my 'Project Podcast' thingy. Oh, and we finally figured out that trying to keep us bound to 30 minutes per show was not going to happen. We are now a 60 minute show.

Show note links:
Tiki Bar sketch comedy
Systm (misspelled on purpose)

by Matt Hartley on Sun 19 Jun 2005 03:46 AM PDT

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