Tuesday, July 5, 2005

The podcast actually receives a whole article!

Even if I was once again left out of the article (grrr), it is nice to see we are still being noticed.

Since I don't believe this particular article has already been shared, here it is...Oh, one other thing. I am still not too sure about this comment made later on in the article:

I’m sure it appeals more to women than men, but I will say that it is light-years ahead of
The View, which is nothing more than a bunch of uptight, wannabe lesbians who are consumed with anger towards men and the fact that they are necessary for conception.

Geez, not really sure that is what we were shooting for. While I am beginning to see that we are developing a serious female demographic, I am not all that thrilled about being compared with 'The View'.

I have been following Laura Swisher’s blog since she first started it. She is another TechTV/G4 merger cast-off, the co-host of the very funny show (RIP) Unscrewed with Martin Sargent. Her blog is very funny stuff, and frequently updated.

Laura has started a podcast project with Louise Palanker called Weezy and the Swish. New shows are released on no particular schedule just yet, and are generally free-form, humorously covering whatever current events these two decide to talk about.

The odd thing was, I had no idea who Louise Palanker was, but she looked awfully familiar. It wasn’t from her testimony in the Michael Jackson trial (she is a friend of the family who made the accusations), I just remembered seeing her picture somewhere else a long time ago.

Then as I browsed her bio page, it hit me. Louise Palanker was one of the founders of Premier Radio Networks, which was home of the Jim Rome Show, one of my favorite sports radio shows. Premier has since been sold to Clear Channel. [Read the rest]

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