OK, so what the heck is this thing (see right side of this page)? Well, it is a software program that runs on your computer in order to secretly transmit microwaves deep inside your brain. Once they have taken full effect, you will feel an uncontrollable urge to download as much Weezy and The Swish as you possibly can.

Seriously though, iPodder will download each new episode of Weezy and The Swish for you automatically each Monday! There is one catch though, folks. You have to set the scheduler to do this for you.

Don't freak out, it is super easy to do. After the program is installed, keep or remove the other included podcasts that you want from the selection. Then, roll your cursor over the icons until you see 'Scheduler'. Set the darn thing like you were setting up your alarm clock. Then presto! That's it! Each Monday the show will automatically be downloaded to your 'My Received Podcasts' folder located in 'My Documents'.

It really is that easy! If you are familiar with iPodder, you can set it up to sync with iTunes or Windows Media player. Try it, mess with the settings, try clicking stuff. Not to worry, you won't break anything. Remember, your cursor can tell you what a button does by moving it over the icon of your choice. Enjoy!