That's what I told my so-called friend and Co-host Louise Palanker after she maligned me publicly, calling my character into question. I've been shaking with rage all day and it is only now that I can respond.

First of all, Weezy claims I downed a Coke in "minutes." Weezy, try an hour. I drank the Coke in the course of an hour. Then she points out that we had to interrupt the podcast because I "had to go to the bathroom." That's true; however, I fail to see what bearing the size of my bladder has on the quality (or lack thereof) of our show. I have a small bladder. That means I'll go to the bathroom more often than others will. But most people don't hold it against me. Weezy seems to think it matters and that saddens me.

To be fair, Weezy did have to print a few pages out for me because I'd run out of ink. Weezy, I will pay you whatever the cost of the ink I may have used. I will also bring you ten blank sheets of paper to replenish the ones I used. It won't happen again.

She implies it took a great deal of energy to act "civil" towards me while we recorded TWO podcasts. I should point out that it takes a lot of energy on my part to carry the show as I do. But I do it anyway because I want the show to be a success. Do I mention to her how hard it is for me to carry the show? No. I don't. I say, "How are you?" "Weezy, how is your week going?" See? I try to be pleasant.

And for all this, all I get is vitriol. So today I called her up and told her to get out of my country. I said she shouldn't come back until she thought long and hard about her recent post. Also, she should bring me a gift from where ever she goes by way of apology. If I like the gift, I will accept the apology.

I'll keep everyone up to date as the feud develops.