Sunday, July 17, 2005

Blogging From Weezy - Twice The Tension

by Louise Palanker on Sun 17 Jul 2005 12:58 PM PDT

On Saturday, The Swish and the two Matts and I set out on our quest to record two podcasts in a row, per the suggestion of "Seaners" in order that Part 2 might be banked to allow for my summer travel plans.

It sounded like a good idea in theory. However, in practice, (And I don't mean to soil your pristine image of The Swish) the girl can down herself some buckets of fluids. I hand her a long neck coke and she's sucked it up in under a minute. Moments later, she has to go to the bathroom. I understand that hydration is important while podcasting in an air conditioned room but good gosh. On top of which, her printer is "broken" so she emailed an attachment of all her "notes" to me and it was my job to upload the file and print them out for her.

The sense of entitlement is just staggering. And now I have to sit in a room and be "civil" to her for over two hours. You want me to be civil, Laura Swisher, than next time why don't you show up with a six pack of coke, a ream of paper and a couple rolls of Charmin. How about that? …..

OK, so you can see what I'm doing here... I'm attempting to insight a "mock catty squabble" between The Swish and I so that we can create heat and improve ratings. Let's watch and wait and see how she responds. I just know she'll have something pithy and scathing. She may even attack portions of my personal character and/or my appearance. This should be lots of fun, so stick close, wait for the heat to hit, and remember to side with me.

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