Sunday, July 24, 2005

Blogging From Weezy - News from Abroad... who is in Europe

by Louise Palanker on Sun 24 Jul 2005 02:23 PM PDT

I am traveling on a cruise ship through the Baltic Sea. We have most recently left the port city of Tallinn, Estonia and are currently sailing towards St. Petersburg, Russia. Estonia was under Danish rule in the 13th Century before it was sold to the Germans following a mid-14th Century insurrection. This did not bode well for the locals who suffered for centuries before finally winning back their independence in 1921, only to later come under Soviet rule after WWII. However, the revolutionary atmosphere following Glasnost fostered renewed independence for Estonia which now happily hosts cruise ships and markets overly priced ashtrays and shot glasses.

My brother, Craig and I hiked all over the beautiful little city of Tallinn and wandered into a magnificent Greek Orthodox Church in the middle of a gloriously traditional wedding. The bride and groom, bedecked in ancient ceremonial dress were being paraded in ritualistic circles as magnificent hymns floated up and echoed across the ornate cathedral ceilings. It was absolutely spectacular. I stood and watched in awe and wonder. And then, we turned quietly in reverence, walked down the church steps and being who we are, “I said to my brother, “She could do better.” And my brother said to me, “Do you think she had to get married?”

I don’t think people like us should be allowed to travel outside the country.

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