Weezy and The Swish podcast 44

Weezy writes:
Weezy and the Swish are joined, this week by Author/Comedian, Stephanie Wilder and Singer/Carpenter/Rancher, Paul Cowsill. Stephanie is on board to discuss her critically acclaimed book, "Sippy Cups are not for Chardonnay," the modern motherhood guidebook. Should you breast feed your baby in the super market check-out line? Stephanie may not know the correct answer, but she has a helpful opinion about this and many other parenting questions. Paul, from the famous singing Cowsill family, is in town for filming on The Cowsills Documentary and he popped in from an ajoining room to talk about the documentary and his winding career path which has lead him from pop star to road manager to building inspector and beyond. If I were to tell you that Paul almost died in a plane crash with Helen Reddy, you might not believe me so we'll let Paul tell it. Additonally, you'll hear the actual audio from Laura's Caldwell Banker commercials. For that alone, you really should click and listen.