Monday, January 9, 2006

Weezy and The Swish podcast 31

Weezy and The Swish podcast 31 *this episode has been saved by Spooie!*

Weezy writes:

Very special guests Kyle Cease and Ben Gleib grace the presence of Podcast #31. I really don't have an adequate explanation for the madness which ensues. Complete psychological workups are being done on both Kyle and Ben to help authorities understand exactly why these two young men have so little regard for taste, decorum and common decency. The podcast opens with Kyle as our guest which honestly was burden enough for The Swish and I. Then Ben walked in and the cumulative affect of the two of them was to say the least, very unsettling and/or hilarious, depending on your sensibilities. Keep this pod cast away from pets, children, grandparents, plants, and people that society would deem to be decent, then click and enjoy.

by Matt Hartley on Mon 09 Jan 2006 09:56 PM PST

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