Wednesday, August 24, 2005

No, we are not going to do the show naked

by Matt Hartley on Wed 24 Aug 2005 07:43 PM PDT

OK, now that the first question was taken care of, let's go ahead with the second one.

A new fan writes:

Why doesn't Matt get his name in the title of the show? What did he do to tick Weezy and The Swish off?

Well New Fan, it was decided by all of us that the show title in its current form makes sense for our everchanging needs. It's easy to remember and it has pizazz!

As for ticking off the ladies, there is actually a little story behind that. See, I was actually won as a servant in a game of Stratego about 6 months ago by Laura Swisher. Since then, my life has been a virtual whirlwind of trips to the local takeout joint, scrubbing kitchen floors and basically doing everything within my power to win back my freedom.

On most days, Weezy and Laura remember to feed me and even make sure that I have enough time for my daily errands. Still, there are those rare occasions when I might forget a line during the show or simply spill something. When this happens, I am guaranteed a swift smack upside the head with a rolled up newspaper. So I guess you might say that there are days when life can be seen as a little bit difficult when working with these two. Earlier today however, I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. I was told that if I finish detailing their cars with my toothbrush, Weezy and Laura will make good on their promise to release me back into the wild so I can rejoin my fellow geeks...

OK, obviously we all get along great. I like to think that we are all friends and most of what you hear on the show is just part what we do. No one has beaten me in days - honest.

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