Sunday, January 23, 2011

An Update from Pierce

Thanks to the great and powerful Spooie we have now recovered episodes: 19, 25, 26, 31, 34, and 35.

Which means we are still looking for episodes 1, 5-18, 20-24,27-30, 32-33, and 36-37. Huge thanks go out to Spooie, you are a hero!


zb said...

Download link to episode 21.

Unknown said...

I have just emailed you a link to my website where I have put all missing episodes (with the exception or Ep.1 and Ep.5-8).


zb said...

I emailed the address but didn't get a reply ever. I don't know if they check it anymore, andi. hopefully they'll read this soon. if not, you should probably just post the link here.

FatalPierce said...

Hey guys, Sorry for the delay. I'll check with Weezy on it, but I don't believe we have access to the gmail account anymore.

If you still have the episodes up please either post them here or shoot me a mail at AskewedViews [AT] Gmail [dot] com. Weezy, Laura, Matt and I would definitely appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

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