Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weezy and The Swish 2008 Reunion Extravaganza

Weezy and The Swish 2008 Reunion Extravaganza

On a very special Weezy and The Swish 2008 Reunion Extravaganza, guest Wyatt Cenac shares stories from The Daily Show, Laura picks on Wyatt, Wyatt picks on Laura and Weezy encourages the madcap, passive aggressive shenanigans. Join us for fun and funny!


DuckyTKid said...

Hey guys, great show! It's great that you're back.

I only have one question: How soon will Guy Branum be a guest?!

You're all awesome, keep up the good work.


Seaners said...

Nice to hear you guys again. :)

FatalPierce said...

Yes yes I agree, it is great to have the show back!

Phill said...

They're the best, the beautiful, they're Weezy and The Swish!

Great retun girls. Top notch work by Matt S too! Thanks for the mention on the show Weez :) I look forward to hearing fresh episodes. How can we get the word out to the ancients like Nick/David and quentin and the rest? Can we access the old ezboard and send a message to the email account they used to sign up to the board?

Still thrilled to hear you again!!

Buchanan said...

I'm so excited to have you guys back!!! Much like Weezy, I love Talk it Over, but Weezy and the Swish will always be my favorite.

Louise Palanker said...

Thank you so very much for welcoming us back!

Phill said...

need moar.


Phill said...

Laugh Factory owner: Jackson should pay for N-word


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LOS ANGELES (AP) -- When Michael Richards stunned a nightclub audience two years ago by shouting the N-word at a black patron, Laugh Factory owner Jamie Masada was quick to join the Rev. Jesse Jackson in calling for a ban on the word's use.

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

IS this the B block ?

zb said...

All of the old episodes have disappeared from itunes and a lot of the download links on the site are broken. Will the old episodes ever be put back online?

FatalPierce said...

Yikes, sorry about that. I'm not sure what happened. I will work on getting the missing episodes available on the site again.

Unknown said...

Okay, can someone please explain to me WHAT the hell is goin on here!? Reunion 2008!? Its 2009 now! Do you mean to tell me there is a whole year of WATS shows that I have completely missed? How come noone told me about this!? Were are all those shows!? I can only see one. What happened to Talk It Over Radio show!?

Or maybe this is what happens when you dont pay your .com hosting bill...

Pierce, please respond!

Zoran Merki
yeah, I'm the one from Croatia

zb said...

I think the fact that a lot of the older episodes have disappeared may have something to do with "Weezy and the Swish" being completely removed from itunes and replaced with "Talk it Over". The reminds me of the whole Tech TV G4 thing all over again! Except it involves a once beloved podcast morphing into a podcast I loathe.

FatalPierce said...

Sorry about the delay guys. I'm in the middle of a killer move right now (from Michigan back go Oregon where I'm from) and It has been a doozy let me tell you. But I will get those shows back up if at all possible. I believe Siggy still has the original recordings. Zach, I'm sorry you don't like Talk It Over but I assure you that the disappearing episodes has nthing to do with the new show. I'm assuming it is a file hosting issue.


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