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- Chris Pirillo, founder and maintainer of Lockergnome.com, spent two years hosting the TechTV (now known as G4) television program “Call for Help” before parting ways from the company. He also hosted the first annual “Call-for-Help-a-Thon” on TechTV. Every year, Pirillo hosts Gnomedex, a technology conference in Seattle made for geeks. He has authored three books: Poor Richard's Email Publishing, Online! The Book (with John C. Dvorak), and Lockergnome's Computer Tips Compendium. He writes a monthly column for CPU Magazine (Sandhills Publishing), and hosts a live Internet broadcast aptly titled The Chris Pirillo Show.

-- Laura Swisher, Co-host of “Weezy and the Swish” podcast, former G4 / Tech TV personality and is also a host of the SXSW Web Awards.

- Eric Rice, Co-Founder of AudioBlog.com, KSSX and Eric Rice Show. He is one of the world’s leading experts in consumer generated media, particularly in podcasting and videoblogging. As co-founder of Audioblog.com, Rice’s goal is to bring solid tools to enable everyone to create personalized or business media. As chief evangelist for Audioblog.com, Rice travels around the country to explain the values and simplicity of podcasting and videoblogging to the masses.

- Rob Greenlee is Sr. Marketing Manager for Seattle-based Melodeo.com that is the maker of the Mobilcast software platform that enables the streaming and downloading of Podcasts directly to mobile phones. Rob is also a long-time host, producer and founder of the 7 year-old online radio program WebTalk Radio, where he has interviewed hundreds of Internet thought leaders, researchers, executives, authors, bloggers and technology journalists over the past few years. WebTalk was formerly a nationally syndicated terrestrial broadcast radio show and is now affiliated with the TechPodcasts.com Network. WebTalk Radio was the first broadcast radio program in the world to begin podcasting.