Thursday, October 13, 2005

Weezy on Attack of the Show?

by Matt Hartley on Thu 13 Oct 2005 04:04 AM PDT

(Since the Weblog software has been acting up lately, I am posting the following on Weezy's behalf)

Weezy writes:

On Tuesday, I had a very interesting adventure at G4. My pal, Guy, who works there, asked me and a few friends to come down and be in a sketch for "Attack of the Show." I said, "Sure, no problem" and I brought my buddies, Fini Goodman and Melinda Ruben. Guy added a G4 intern named Emily and together we were cast as members of a fictional "book club."

Here's what we found out when we got there. We were not taping just one sketch. We were taping five sketches which will become a running feature on the program, so according to Hollywood standards, one could accurately state that I am now a "semi-regular on a TV show.

The sketches involve a "book club" hosted by Brendan Moran who selects books such as "Dune," and "C++ Programming for Dummies" and other titles which book club ladies might find a tad tedious and thus the comedy ensues. These little comic gems should start running on Monday, October 17th. I play the part of "Sheri," an erratically emotional, hormonally unbalanced whack job.

The sketches were written by Casey Schreiner and I must tell you, they were an actress's dream, full of depth and range and heart and women wrestling over a sticky bun.

Oh, and while I was at G4, I met Nick's dream date, Morgan Webb and everyone, everywhere could not stop talking about how much they miss Laura Swisher.

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